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ClimberBall is a side project i worked on my spare time. It is built on pure jMonkeyEngine and is a really simple arcade game in which you control a ball that must explore for as much as possible a procedural generated terrain, switching his form and adapting to the terrain. it is still rough but i still decided to release it for free, with no ads, because i’m still pretty satisfied on how the game came out from a really simple idea and i hope somebody can enjoy it too.

I’m planning to release the sources and assets projects as early as possible :slight_smile: Here are some screenshots:


Hi @aegroto,

I gave the game a try and I like the idea.
Overall the game is very simple but has lots of potential.

I love the generated terrain. Works great. How did you do that?
Also, are you using dyn4j as physics engine?

Overall, well done.

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Hi, thanks. I don’t use any third-party physics engine, the physics is very simple so i built a minimal physics system specifically for this game.

Terrain generation is also simple, i just use a queue for spawning chunks and deleting them when they go out of the screen. I’ll release all the source code soon.

EDIT: Added aptoide store link!


A github repository with the source code is up and running: GitHub - aegroto/ClimberBall: ClimberBall is a simple arcade game developed in Java built on top of jMonkeyEngine 3.

There’s still no real code documentation. I’m planning to write papers about the most relevant parts of the project (for example, terrain generation). However the project is not enormous so everyone may be able to understand its structure with not much effort.

Hope someone finds this useful :slight_smile: .


Hey @aegroto,
Thanks for the share.

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Yeah, very nice! Thank you :blush:

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