Android collecting data for an ebike

Hi, I’m a newb here looking for a site to get some help for an idea I have…and hoping that, in doing so, I will be able to contrib back to the community. Please feel free to move this post if it is not posted properly.

I am doing a serious modification to an electric motor scooter. I would like to be able to have an lcd that displays the temp of the motor, battery pack and controller, as well as the speed of the bike. I also want this data to be collected so that I can analyze performance specs later.

I have seen droid cell phones that are cheap enough and powerful enough to be able to handle this task - have also seen a droid app somewhere that would do the trick. What I need to find is the hardware to connect to the phone to gather the data.

Any help?

That’s going to be very dependant on the motor - really you are limited to what information that is willing or able to provide.

this is more to do with electronics. Check out 8051 C programming for PIC microcontrollers or Arduino, anice book I read: or w/e you want. There are probably libraries for specific microcontroller/android interactions, connecting either by bluetooth or via micro/mini USB. The speed of the bike you can either calculate from GPS data, or from the accelerometer using just the phone itself. You can use a thermistor as a temperature sensor, hmm battery not sure, and not sure what you mean by “controller”