Android game app gui

Hello all,
I previously made several gui pages on android xml designer in android studio so it can be previewed on different devices. Then i created the game scene in jme and loaded it from android studio. I am thinking of switching to nifty gui instead of the normal android gui. Is it better concerning performance since inflate takes some time to load? Also is nifty gui supported for all screen sizes like the default android xml? Also can someone point out a specific tutorial page to learn nifty gui if its better for android?
Thanks in advance

To answer a question about “better”, it might be good to know what kind of UI you need. Can explain more about the type of interface requirements that you have?

Well my interface is not that big, the sketch for the scheme is something like that (sorry for the bad drawing):
The upper right menu has a background image and the same thing for the pages

Home Page contains user balance in the upper right menu, also the start and train buttons

Start Page:
When you tap the start button the app will login through facebook and the start page will be shown. Or if you tap on train button the start page will be shown as well without login:

When the user taps on the balance bar above the Store page will be shown and its something like that:

Also when the user finish the game a scoreboard is shown:

This is mainly how my interface hope its clear a bit

If your target is an android only game, and you have no issues with it, I would say why not.
→ Why learn another framework if you already have a working one that does the job ok.
All the examples you made are possible with nifty as well i think.

Thanks for the reply. Well i asked the question because the android gui is taking time to load the start page intent. I can preload it ofc and show it when i want but if the nifty gui is lightweight i prefer to learn and do the gui on nifty instead. So is the nifty gui compatible with multiple android screen sizes and does it take time to load the gui like android intent or is it faster a bit.
N.B. I came from an ios environment, so loading an xib didn’t cost much time as loading android intent