Android Game: Clogs

Howdy Friends!

Ever wanted to experience a Dutch environment, but far too afraid to actually venture into Dutchville?

I’ve come up with an Action-Packed, Full of Adventure, Dutch Simulation game called


Full of twists and turns… Characters come to life… Keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Just released on the Google Play Store!

This was a simple 2 day project that turned out very good and I hope that many windmills will be avoided in the future!

*Great for practicing to go into Dutch places. (Flemish Belgium, or the Netherlands)

*Or dodging Windmills anywhere

Screen shot?

You bet!

PC Version?

YES! Available at my action-packed drop box


Hahaha, cool.
Man, once again you are pumping out game even more than me.

Very Good.

Thank You!

This game was actually extremely easy to write!

The floor is simply 2 cubes moving past the screen, the windmill is simply made of a cube for the building and 4 cubes for the blade.

Then the rest was just adjusting the game dynamics for speed etc.

Only took me 2 days to write it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that is what I thought.
You should see the new game I am working on.
That one is also similar to what you did here.