Android game - Escape Room Detective

I hope this is the right category. I made a game with the JMonkeyEngine (thanks btw for the software). If you’ve any questions about the development, I’d be happy to try and answer them.

Software used:
JMonkeyEngine of course.
JMonkey’s implementation of JBullet.
Nifty GUI
Blender and GIMP for assets creation.


Congratulations on completing your project! Consider adding some screenshots to the screenshot thread

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Congratulations…Very good.
Excuse this question.
did you use the blender3D camera?
I’m seeing that the jmonkey engine has a default camera, but I do not know how to use an imported blender3D camera in a scene

Please upload a video playing the game, I want to share it with the community in Spanish and talk about the game engine.
You could tell me some advantages you found when making the game with jmonkey engine.


I didn’t use the Blender camera in game - I deleted the camera from all my Blender models I converted to j3o binaries. The camera I used in the game was, as you mentioned, the camera that comes with the JME SimpleApplication class. The only point in production that I used the Blender camera was to render into sprites some of the images I used in the GUI, for example the image of a suitcase.

If you’re asking because you’re looking for a way to turn a Blender camera into a camera used in game, here’s a tip. In Blender, use a dummy object (i.e. a cube, cone, sphere…) and place it in the scene where you want the game camera. Then, in code, find the object, and place the camera in the same position as the dummy object.

For example…

Spatial cameraDummy = scene.getChild("CameraDummyObject");

Just remember to assign a material to your object or it won’t import properly.

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OK thank you very much


I was curious about this game and gave it a try but it’s not playable in my SGS6, it renders badly as shown in this image:


If I press the upper-left icon there, it changes the rendering view and I can see the jail bars:


Just to give you feedback :wink: