Android Game: Wonder Ball

Hi all jME fanatics…

I am please to announce my first jME android game. It has almost been 5 months in development by me the lone ranger. 8)
I would like to share this game with you because the learning curve for me was really dramatic…
So with no further a due here is the detail:

Wonder Ball is an action adventure survival game for every one.

Roll, jump, double jump and slow down to get from start to finish without bursting your ball.
Dodge rocks and other obstacles!
Don’t get burned and jump between walls to collect coins and rubies.

Wonder Ball is a 3D side- scroller rolling game, in which you control the ball.

•Platforming Actions: Double Jumping, Wall Sliding, Wall Jumping, Rolling, Slow down for intense action avoidance.
•Run through 15 different levels, each with it’s own unique design according to the level theme.
•Just tap the screen.
•Run into alternate paths to get all coins.

Please enjoy!

Some screen shots and my link:

- Wonder Ball Link

Web site for some eye candy:

- Wonder Ball Web site


@ndebruyn Looks nice. I love seeing published games on Android using jME3!

Very nice game.
I had the error your reported about the orientation change, when I came back from rating the game on google play.

Anyway, nice work, it’s fun.

Thank you very much for the nice comments.
I have focus especially on the fun factor for this game.
I wanted it to be really simple and fun, but at the same time challenging.
I design the game in such a way that there will be multiple worlds/themes.
For now I only released 15 levels, but hundreds will be created soon.

I got a NPE in initialize method of LevelState something, after opening it, dieing, restarting, dieing. Going to the home screen and trying to open it again. Feels good otherwise, gj :slight_smile:

Yeah that is one of the things that happen when I get that OpenGl error on my other post.
It sometime corrupts the player save file. So what you need to do is go to you file system with a file explorer. Then go to Android/data/… And delete the file.

It would be worth having code in your game to detect the corruption and prompt the user if you want to delete it - rather than requiring a manual fix.

(99% of users would never both doing the manual fix, they’d just uninstal).

That is exactly what I did now. The user will not even know that the file got corrupt.

Here are some extra screen shots I took while playing on my PC.

Please feel free to comment as much as possible or go and play it for your self.

Yeah didn’t have time to comment more thoroughly.

I like how you handled difficulty, it’s kinda easy to get through the levels, but it’s a bit harder to get all 3 stars.
The game is nice and graphically appealing

I’m not fond of the way the ball explode when you die. It could have been contextual to the way you die (yeah I’m too picky)
Quitting the game pops up the default JME “do you want to quit” popup. Maybe that’s because I’ve seen this popup too many times, but this is too bad because it makes the game looks unfinished, and you don’t have this feeling otherwise during the game.

I think you should add some new “powers” to the ball. Idk some teleport that you can use once, an invicibility mode, the power to destroy one obstacle idk. Something to make the game play evolve a bit over time. (maybe you already have a plan for this though).

Other that that it’s pretty good and polished.

On another note. It’s marked as a demo on the store, will you have a non demo version that is monetized differently?

Thanks for the great comments. I appreciate it.
Well yeah I have a lot of plans for the future of this game and especially how the game will progressively increase in game play and difficulty.
I want to add more trap types and also door, etc.
Which I can figure out a better way for the ball exploding, but it is quite limited in android of what one can do, unless you have some idea.
Yes you are right, I need to add a nicer exit menu.
No at the moment I do not plan to add a non demo version, there will only be one version. I need to fix that.

Hey forum,
I finally got to release an update to my game for android.
Wonder Ball is now complete with new graphics and exciting new chapters and levels.
It allows the player to unlock abilities when completing levels and building up score.
Here is some screen shots:

And here is a video of what game play looks like:



Really cool! Congratulations!

I updated because I had the previous version and I like this one a lot better.
Difficulty is more challenging and I got caught retrying countless times some areas to get the 3 cups.

I noticed some slowdowns though. When the ball is rolling over long areas with no obstacles it’s more blatant, otherwise you barely notice it. Not a big deal, but it can be annoying.
I don’t know what can cause this though, there were not really more elements on screen at those moments, and I couldn’t find what was amiss.

Do you have your own physic for the ball?

Thanks for the info.
I am using jME’s physics (bullet) and change only the linear and angular velocity.
I also notice those glitches if you can call it that.
Other than that the game is really smooth.
I did really enjoy making this game.
This last update I made all the models in the the game my self with blender 3D and I go some good experience in Blender.
jME and blender really works Well together.

My next task at hand is to provide the user with the ability to select or unlock different type of balls as her progress.
These balls will unlock depending on his score.

Again, thanks for the feed back.