Android Install Fails

So I built a cool little game with jMonkeyEngine. It uses a few basic objects (cubes and spheres) with basic textures (images), I also use water and physics. The game is great and runs great in the jMonkey App window.

I then followed the directions to deploy to Android. I downloaded the plugin, and easily built the APK file. Awesome!!

However, I copied the APK to my phone (Samsung Stratosphere (model i405)), and attempted to install it. It runs for a minute and then says install failed. I have installed APKs I’ve built with AndEngine previously, so I believe my phone is setup correctly. And I also believe it is GLES 2.0 compliant.

Have I overlooked anything?

Can anyone give me ideas of what to look at? Or how I can get more information about what went wrong?



You have to either sign the app or use the debug app. Generally you should be able enable “development support” in your device and just connect it via USB (maybe after installing a driver on windows), then press play in the SDK and it will run the app on your device and also show the device log. Check the manual for the details, you have to disable save on compile and select the Android Device configuration for this to work.