Android (kind fire 7) preponderance to render black instead of transparency

HI all, was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue…

I have a bunch of objects (quads, defined in blender), and a material with alpha, when it loads on desktop, its always transparent as expected.

When it loads on my asus transformer 300, 99.9% of time its fine.

When it loads on my samsung galaxy (it initially renders black, then appears to switch correctly to the expected transparency).

When it loads on my Kindle Fire 7, it often if not usually comes up and stays black (occasionally rebooting the kindle corrects the issue).

Once the scene is loaded, I walk the scene, and set the appropriate material for the object in the simpleInitApp method.

I’m guessing I must be doing something wrong…but can’t figure out what, anyways any pointers appreciated.

My Material definition:

Material ro_default : Common/MatDefs/Misc/Unshaded.j3md {

MaterialParameters {

ColorMap : Flip Repeat Textures/rollover_light2.png

Color : 0.8 0.8 0.8 1


AdditionalRenderState {

FaceCull Off

Wireframe Off

DepthWrite On

PolyOffset 0.0 0.0

AlphaTestFalloff 0

Blend Alpha

PointSprite Off

ColorWrite On

DepthTest On