Android NBProject

Thank you VERY MUCH for creating the nbproject for Android!!! It makes searching for why my stuff doesn’t work MUCH easier than modifying the engine project to show the android files and then removing them in order to build the engine again.


Thanks, no problem ^^ Having platform specific code and core engine code separated is very important for a proper project structure imo.

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I agree. I’m trying to keep all the game code common for both. The only difference right now is in the UIF area.

I am going to use Nifty for the HUD and game settings menu on the PC, but on the phone, I need to use pictures in guiNode for the HUD and a seperate android activity screen for the game settings. This is due to the performance hit the phone has when using Nifty.

BTW, I am also using native bullet for physics. I’ve been using the same procedure as in I’m looking forward to the day when the native libraries are included in the engine.

Thanks again for all the work the team is putting into the engine. It’s been great so far.

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You could also use a very simple NiftyGUI layout for the phone and just reference the phone XML files when run on the phone. The native libraries are there and you can add them to the project, however not for the android platform. When we got a proper way to build the android bullet natives they will be automatically added to the project when the main project uses any of the two bullet libraries (as the jbullet one delivers so poor performance on android).

Yeah, I thought of that also (referencing different XML files), but when I created a nifty screen with a few buttons on it, the framerate took a deep dive down to 4fps on the phone ( That’s even on the Motorola Bionic phone.

I understand completely about the native bullet libraries. I’m using the ones in the engine for the PC version and use my own library when on the phone. I’d love to help out with that, but it’s beyond my knowledge, unfortunately.

One more comment. When you open the subproject for the android specific files of a project in the platform, they are all named mobile in the project viewer. It would be nice if the project names were named "mobile - " so that users developing mulitple projects could easily see which main project the android files are associated with. Right now, when I have multiple mobile projects open, they are all named mobile and I have to hoover over them to figure out which main project they are for.

Just a thought.