Android, Nifty, and Keyboards/Text Controls

Hi all,

Has anyone tried using the nifty text controls on android? i.e. allowing players to type into the screen.

I’ve created a nice fancy animated layout and it runs nicely and I can click on buttons and select text areas etc. However not having a keyboard attached I can’t actually type into them.

Is this something anyone has tried or is working on yet?



There’s a change that’s been submitted to include the ability to have the Android system pop up a EditText and the Android OS soft keyboard. Just waiting for it to be checked into SVN.

This will work for Nifty TextFields. Is that what you are using?


It is indeed exactly what I’m using, I just had a read through that thread and it seems very promising indeed. Using the soft keyboard is a good idea since as mentioned in the thread it means you read user preferences such as azerty etc automatically and also

Incidentally my first thought for doing an on-screen keyboard inside nifty was that I wouldn’t try and layout the whole keyboard. Instead I’d provide a bitmap which is the keyboard and gets scaled appropriately and map the mouse X/Y co-ordinates to see which keys are clicked. Then a simple file defining the keymappings (could be as simple as a text file containing:




Maybe with some offsets or similar settings for each row - in this example 22% y, 50%x would give you t.

I just committed the patch, it should be available in next nightly build.

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Thanks Nehon, any idea when the next release will be?

(I definitely need this feature, but I can survive without it for a few weeks so if there is a release coming soon then I’ll wait for that - if not then I’ll pick up the daily build when the time comes).