Android pointlight set position crash the game

Hi, I finaly, after much work, managed to read text files in android and also have my game sort of imported to android.

Problem is, when I try to set the position of a pointlight I get the following error:

[java]/AndroidHarness(2327): Exception thrown in Thread[GLThread 10,5,main]: com.jme3.math.Vector3f.set(156) com.jme3.light.PointLight.setPosition(86) physics.Star.setPosition(65) physics.StaticStar.<init>(18) [/java]

I added the vecmath.jar thing to my project but this error still remains.

Not really sure if it’s the vector or the pointlight that creates the error, but if I would guess I’d say pointlights aren’t added to android open gl?

Or am I completly of course?

Turned out the position was null. :confused: