Android Support "Will there be a Announcement

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Sorry for my impatience, But i am VERY Excited …i am a Android developer making mostly 2d Games/Apps… i have been Trawling the net looking for a 3d Engine for Android with no success then i found yours i Downloaded netbeans checked out the SVN and tried to get it to work changing the GDE to jme3 etc with no success… so i was wonder when the Android part of jme3 will be working  "will there be a Announcement"

Many Thanks for your Great Work


Before any other Android announcement we will first be releasing the official jMonkey Engine 3.0 alpha1. This will happen very shortly; definitely within March. Android support is a second priority in alpha1. The next milestone, alpha2, has Android support as one of its main tasks. There is no ETA as of yet however.

Also keep in mind there's a constant influx of Android developers starting to play with jME3 these days. While Android is not a top priority for the core developers at this very moment, it is of the highest priority for many other competent contributors.

Great Stuff Thanks for you reply

I finally got NetBeans to recognize my android project, I am fixing it to work as we speak.