Android support


Since this is my first post on the forums, I would like to thank everyone contributing to this wonderful project. I’ve been looking around for game engines for the past week and found this one to be the most polished and well documented of them all. Also as a preemptive action, I would like to apologize if I am posting my question in the wrong place ;).

I read a blog post about jmonkeyengine supporting android, but I am not sure if I can use it now. I’ve seen the sample application on android market but couldn’t find any other application using it. can someone please advise me on the status of this?


You can use jME on Android now.

There are some examples of jME games for Android in the latest posts on the forum. This one was just released:

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Thanks, the game is nice also

“Uses jme3” is something of interest to developers but the general public has no idea what it means so it’s not something people would list as a feature on their game…

Yeah I guess your right zarch, but I made a search on google play for “libgdx” and found some games, so I thought I’d find the same for jme. Anyway I’ve been playing around with the IDE and the tutorials and I like what I see, its really hard to go through an opensource library with so little documentation such as libgdx for a beginner in game engines like me.