Android VR support


I’ve made an initial commit of Android VR support for jMonkeyEngine. It’s an attempt to begin making a more device agnostic VR plugin than the current Oculus Rift Plugin (although the architecture follows the same principles and a lot of code is taken from there). I chose to begin a new one not to break any existing implementation while it’s WIP and also took the opportunity to create the repo on github.

I have some lenses left from my DK1 and plan on creating a HMD for my Galaxy S4. What I mean to say is that I’ve only tested it by holding the lenses in front of the screen so far.


I plan to write something longer on usage etc

Edit 2:
Here’s the post: Description and usage


Completely missed this on the old forum. Better tweet late than never I always say :stuck_out_tongue:

Google Cardboard is truly a hilarious project (in a good way).

Maybe you could get an example project for jME3 set up in Ask Sam Stern. Worth a shot!