Android weird FPS increases/decreases

So as you probably know, I’m making the LSF mobile app. I’m testing it on my HTC Desire 728g running stock Android 5.1. The weird thing is that most of the time FPS is quite low, I’d say around 20FPS. However with some debug apk builds (sometimes when I press the “run” button in the SDK) the FPS is constant at 60FPS! With not much code changed.
First I thought my phone is falling back to OpenGL ES 1.0 for some reason, so I added <uses-feature android:glEsVersion="0x00020000" android:required="true"/> to my AndroidManifest.xml. At first it worked and for couple builds FPS was at 60. Now it’s low again.
Could it be that there’s some problems in the apk making scripts or it’s just my phone acting weird?

Test it with a different phone,that’s probably some background process sucking resources.

Well the problem is there are no other phones around… And also I tried killing the background processes. Restarting the phone… And nothing helped :frowning:
Also the big FPS is locked to an apk not a launch of the app. I can launch the app several times and FPS will stay big. When I upload a new apk chances are that FPS will be low again.

I’ve heard that Android apps slow down a lot when there’s a bunch of logging going on, not sure if it makes a difference when plugged in to LogCat or not, but if you’re doing some logging maybe consider setting your logger to print only Level.SEVERE or something.

Sadly no, being plugged into PC or not does not make a difference. I wish it was that easy :wink:

Did you notice if it runs slow when the battery is low or the phone is unplugged, maybe it’s going into some power saving mode or something.

So,can’t anyone test the app for you? That’s the most certain way to understand why your application runs weird.

Android phones are prone to overheating…
Running a complex 3D application at 60 fps for a long time is a guarantee that the phone will overheat.

Or maybe you’re just looking at a part of the scene where there’s a lot of geometry, so it takes longer to render. Check if the FPS changes without rotating the camera.

MoffKalast just did. Seems like that it runs ok on his phone (except for scaling bugs I still have to fix). But still not running at 60FPS.
@Momoko_Fan It’s not the geometries that are causing fps drop but nifty. I tried removing nifty and my fps almost doubled.

Just as a heads up I too am experiencing this issue. When debugging my app with the SDK sometimes, not always, it runs at 5fps. Disconnecting the debugger and running the app from the applications menu on my phone I get 60fps. Seems like this might be more of an issue with ADB.

Well yeah, that’s a known issue with ADB. However my problem was not related to device being connected via ADB or not (it made no difference) but to the build I was using. Some builds had the issue and some didn’t.
The problem is my phone specific though, the build having low fps on my phone works well on my tablet and also on other people’s phones I tested on.