Hi all,

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place…

I checked out the jme3 branch from svn into Eclipse (3.5) and got the basic tests running after some minor fiddling.

I dug into the Android branch to see if I could get that working- after changing a bunch of broken imports from g3d to jme3 as well as a couple of other minor API changes, which cleared the compile errors, Eclipse/Android is still looking for an AndroidManifest.xml.

I suspect that there's a copy lurking out there somewhere, since this was apparently running on an actual emulator.

I have an Android 1.5 phone- Sprint Moment- I would love to test it out, so the AndroidManifest.xml would be handy to have right now.

BTW, I can send you back my trivial changes to get the android sub-tree to compile against the jme3 package change, if you're interested.


P.S.  JME is a beautiful piece of software. I love it! Thanks for building it.

Yeah I haven't touched the android part in some time so it's still using the g3d package names. I'll try to submit the AndroidManifest, although really the android part is supposed to be created in a separate project (with external sources being the jme3 source packages including jme3_android).

Currently the svn is undergoing some changes, we hope to get it "cleaned up" soon. Especially the android part is not done yet, as it just got uploaded by momoko_fan from his local development branch, thats also why its not included in the standard build script yet. I suppose in some days everything will be fine.



Thanks for the info, Normen.

BTW, I'm happy to help out where convenient. esp. re. Android. I write Java for a living- started playing with Android dev recently. I can do some testing on a device as soon as it's functional.