How can i switch audioRenderer in android SimpleApplication to the new AndroidOpenALSoftAudioRenderer? It requires native libraries and i dont know were to put them XD . I’m using Eclipse. Thanks for any help.

wow…are you spying on us guys?
This has been committed yesterday, and it’s still in an experimental state afaik, maybe @iwgeric can tell you more about it as he’s the author of this new renderer.

Yes, the OpenAL Soft audio renderer for Android is very new and experimental at this point. It currently only supports Android 2.3+ using PCM WAV files (ie, no OGG or MP3 support). It also requires a couple of other engine changes to make it active (namely AndroidAssetManager and JmeAndroidSystem).

Let us get through some testing before trying it. I will also need to add some code to allow users to enable it without breaking the current default implementation.

I’m not sure it will be in a good enough state for 3.0. It may go into 3.1 after 3.0 releases.

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