Animate a MD5 with bones


In order to let you have a better understanding about the problem I have, I

Since jME does not natively support the MD5 format this strongly depends on what library you're using to read the format.

If you're using neakor's MD5Importer, for example, then you can read the mesh separately from the animations and then interact with the Joints of the mesh by applying transformations or whatever. Take a look at how the JointController/JointAnimation classes control the Joints.

You've said to take a look at JointAnimation class but… I cannot find it :? I search in the wiki, javadoc… but with no results :? :?

Apart from that, there's some documentation of this classes? Any examples? Or should I just take a look at the code?


I think you may want to re-read my post… But anyway, here's the class:

Sorry for my oversight 

I re-read your post, and with you "little help" I understand it now :stuck_out_tongue: