Animated models bounding box

Does jme3 calculate this bbox itself when animating or how I calculate it?

My problem is that when animated character falls to ground (dies), it will be (frustum) culled when it still is on the screen (shadow is on the screen and character just disappears).

No its not being updated. We plan to calculate the max animation bounding box and then set that as updating it would be too resource intense.

Ok. Max animation bbox would be best. I thought too it would be too much every frame to calculate it every frame, but if I can recalculate it once when character is dead, then it might be ok (framerate is high so nobody notices that it is culled at some point).

Can I use some jme3 method for recalculating?

Actually I don’t know if updateWorldBounds works in this case, I don’t think so but you can try.

There wasnt updateWorldBounds anymore (there it is (not private) but it is removed?).

I tried updateModelBounds with spatial and node, but didnt work.

and other updates I already use because I use states:



public void update(float tpf)








Cast it up to node or geometry

Hei, there is something that works!


(if I used it every frame, it slowed down my game to 5fps (it was really slow) but no more disappearing, I will use this only “death”-scene then,