Animated transitions in Chimp 0.0.3a

I have just finished a new version of Chimp which among a plethora of bugfixes contains a new absolutely useless feature in the form of animated transitions… have a look at this little demonstration screencast:

Executing a transition on a component is as simple as myComponent.slideOut();

To download or read more about Chimp, visit

I'm still not quiet sure what the etiquette is for posting these kinds of announcements in this forum. If any senior members have recommandations, please let me know.

…also, I'm still having problems with transparency in the textures in Chimp. If anybody has a few minutes to spare, please let me know!

i like the shake effect hehe :slight_smile:

i think its cool when you post your advancement and eventual problems with chimp here in the forum, but i would keep it to one thread, so its easier to follow.

Very cool, I could see a lot of use for the slide out/in if you could control where it's sliding from. For instance, out from another component, etc.

Posting here or user showcase is fine.

Ok… I think I will post a general thread just called "Chimp Release Notice" the next time I have an update :slight_smile:

Sliding in an out of other components sounds like a great visual tool… I'm working on pop-ups that slide out of other components (such as a you entered the wrong password message), perhaps I can use that code to build it.