Animating models with skeletons

Hi there.

I've got another question, which is very important for my project.

I'd like to have my models in 2 seperated parts.

One is the model, which only includes the appearance of the model.

The other is a "skeleton model", which includes the animations.

This way, it's very easy to combine new models with general animations.

By the way, I'd like to add another invisible model over these two which should be used for collision detections.

Is there something already implemented in jME?

How can I realise this plan?

Thanks for your help!

Okay, I found out that it has something to do with attachment points.

When I define some for my model and for my skeleton, I can put those together and both models make the same moves (but the skeleton model is invisible).

The same way, I could easily add my third model used for collision detections.

But the problem is that I don't have any idea how to code that thing with jME…

Can anyone help please?


Is there any Ragdoll effect in jME?

This effect would use the same technics I'm searching for…

i dont know about the animation thing.

But you can create a new Node and add the invisible collision detection model and the real model to that new node.

That way, when you move the main node, the invisible and the real model will both move together.

you mean a BoundingVolume?

I already added this thing, but that doesn't help me because the collision detection seems not to work with BoundingCapsule, which I want to use in my game…

collision detection seems not to work with BoundingCapsule

how do you do collision detection ?