Animation in Blender

I want to make a model of a book and animate it, i tried to rig it but, because of my inexperience with bones, the bone control like 2 pages instead of 1. I tried making it without bones, ( insert key frame in timeline of the meshes. Is it possible for jme to see the animation ( without bones )?

No, you can’t. Make sure you go though the animation part in this step by step, I just added that info and it definitely works as outlined:
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Is this on the todo list of the dev team ? Sometimes it would really simplify the animation process…
Maybe it’s something difficult. No idea about that.

Ok so i have made an simple ( really simple ) model, .
The problem is how to rig it so i can turn the pages and maybe make like the page bend or something.
I’ve already tried to rig it, the bone messes up my page.
But in the animation move object in object mode i can do it fine.
So can anyone please help me.
I think i already i know what you will say : look for tutorials, if i can do it why not you,…?
Well first, I’ve spent a week ( more or less ) trying to find a tutorial the teach me rigging, I’ve learned quite a lot, I’ve searched for tutorials
on how to make a book, they are all boneless animations.
So can anyone please help me ( if you want I’ll add you in my game credits as an artist ( for me everything blender related is artist and
i am the worst artist you can find on earth ).
So i hope I’ll get some help from you dear monkey’s :slight_smile:

Turning pages are a headache.

I did it a few years ago, but I fear I used shape keys, based on softbody deformation.
I’m quite sure the same can be done with bones, but much more tedious.

Everything being considered, I would advice you to work on a single page, and then to duplicate it. It’s a little hard getting them stack nicely, but you do the animation only once, and don’t turn 2 pages with the same bone…

Good luck !

The problem i face are :
Do i make all the page on bone?
Can jme import more than one bone? ( 1 group of bone for each page )?
How to make the bone only interfere with only on page…

  1. Sorry I don’t understand the question
  2. yes of course ! This is what armature are for…
  3. You have two solutions :
    a) follow my advice and work on only one page
    b) use vertex groups instead of automatic/envelope

@yang71: Its simply the best and most common way to animate things for live rendering. E.g. GPU skinning shader code has to be able to replicate whatever anim technique is used for example so it makes sense to agree on certain standards.

Ok so i made my on weight.
sorry about the two misunderstand question :

  1. Do i make all pages one object to rig with bones
  2. can i have more than one root bone ( a root bone represent a page )
    Anyway i think i got it all set. Just need to animate which I already did some time.
    Anyway thanks all! ( especially normen & yang71 )

Take a look at lemur and some of the stuff there, mythruna has a book opening sequence etc done.

It’s done using custom meshes and deforming them algorithmically rather than trying to do it as a saved animation from a model.

Really? last i’ve checked mythruna uses an 2D book effect. He made it 3D?

Double post sorry

Does the root bone has to be at position 0,0,0?

Yeah, I don’t have the book link handy but stuff like this:

So I’ve made an test animation, i’ve imported it to jmonkey but it isn’t at all resembling the animation i did, but before you awnser this problem, can you tell me how to make all my skeleton animation in one instead of having this : ( photo of my screen ) thanks :slight_smile:

I have made a video explaining my problem i have been struggling for 3 weeks now :
If you know what is wrong with it please tell me,
Thanks mathieu