Animation, MD5: I just need a freaking animated model

Hi, I'm wanted to get started with some animations and I was trying lo load an animated model but it turned into more problems.

  1. I didn't have any animated models. I installed Blender and searched for a models and finally I found a crappy one. I exported it to .obj but that doesn't animate does it? Then I tried exporting to md2 but that produced an error. I found a md5 tutorial on the wiki, so I download the export script, added it to blender, exported, ready, awesome.

  2. Now I need MD5 model loader for jme, checked out the source code, prepared a maven build script to add jme2 as dependency, all great but I then notice that the importers was meant for jme and not jme2, no problem small fixes, just change the starting dialog method and the constants to enums, everything was doing fine until I found the MeshDebugger that uses TriangleBatch that no longer exists. I have absolutely no idea what TriangleBatches were or what they were supposed to do and how to put that in to a mesh. I then noticed that that class was meant just for debugging so I commented it and every class that used it and then happily compiled the code.

  3. Great now I have to use and I don't understand how to get a Node or Spatial or something to attach to the scengraph. I running in circles wasting time now.

    Please, I need a code example that loads an animated model and puts it in the scene using JME2. It doesn't have to be MD5, it can be whatever you want, just need an animated model and the code and please don't say "Oh yes check out tutorials here : ::link:: that might help you" unless following that link there is a complete example.


You can also download JClassicRPG and look at it's data files. It contains some MD5 models with animations you might be able to use for your testing, although you should read the license with them or ask their creators (who are regularly around here, I think).

I think the problem is that you accidently stumbled upon some old tutorials. For jME2 theres MD5Importer which should handle all your needs, last version also got a speed boost so no reason to use the old MD5reader2.