Animation of a person's face?

I have a question, so far I have imported bone-based animations, but now I want to import an animation something that has no bones, for example a face of a person having the animations to smile or be sad  :D :slight_smile: :frowning: :-o XD :x , for this would have animate the mouth and eyes and that kind of animation do not think I can do with bones.

known in some form in which from blender can do and export these animations to jmonkey?

if not possible, then is possible to change a texture in different keyframes of animation?. that I might serve to change facial expressions using textures.

ps: I'm using blender, ogrexml, and JME3.

(sorry for my english i speak spanish, this is a google translation)

may be ogre export supports keyframe

or you can also try to learn facial rigging (might be harder than normal body rigging)

then you can export animation with bones again ^^