Animation Problem

I am loading a simple walking md3 animted char. As soon I load him and display him, he automatically is walking in place, but VERY slowly.How can I increase his speed? I tried getting keyframe controllers but there werent any.

How did you try to get his controller exactly?  He definitely has a controller of some type or he wouldn't be walking.  :slight_smile:

KeyframeController kc = (KeyframeController)j.getChild(0).getController(0);

Node contains one child, the md3 object. I've tried to get controllers but I could not(Getting the arraylist). Here is the link to the .md3 file:

Get it down to .1 or .01 localscale, and just by placing in on the screen, it should be doing a walking motion ( Its only motion, no stand animation)

Your model is made up like the following:






So, you'll need to do:


Your are my Hero :slight_smile: