Animation system in Jmonkey

Hi everyone,

I am about to restart working on my small hobby.
I remember, that with the update of JME to 3.4 there had been changes to the animation system ?
I am still using JME 3.3 and not sure if I update the libs to 3.4.
Anyhow if I browse the documentation for me it seems there was no change on how to import material, access animations etc.

Before I realy start and decide if I update to 3.4. or not I would like to know for sure:

Was there a change to animation ? Was/is Minie supposed to be the new standard.
Is it wise - if there is “newer” system - to do the upgrade right now ?
Until now I did not come to the point where I add models or scenes to my project, so in this way I am starting “fresh”.

Edith says: I checked the documentation and it seems that it is not updated yet. Any “beginner” docu for the new animation system ? Esp. for how to import models now and what formats should be used.

Thank you all for a short feedback

Importing and formatting is basically the same. Best format is GLTF and that was true before also.

In 3.3 importing would use the old system. In 3.4 importing uses the new system.

So I wont need to convert a model to *.JO3 file anymore ?

Of course you will. I thought you were talking about IMPORTING since that’s what you said.

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The glTF importer in JMonkeyEngine v3.3 produces models with the new animation system. The transition from the old system to the new system took place between v3.2.4 and v3.3.0, but the wiki still hasn’t been updated.

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