Animation to .j3o Strange Behavion 3.0 vs 3.0rc2

Hi there,

I’ve recently (within the past week or so) upgraded to the stable 3.0 build.

I had been using the rc2 version of the sdk due to the nightly build website being down for so long.

My animated models do not seem to importing properly, I thought this had to do with my models, but when I tried to re-import a model that had previously worked, it seems to have stopped working.

Has the way importing models changed?

I also came across this thread.

Would upgrading to the “nightly build” solve my problem?

This seems like it may be relevent.

the fix has been merged to the 3.0 branch it will be released in 3.0.1

Oh man, so no importing models until then?

@BigBob said: Oh man, so no importing models until then?

You mean tomorrow? ^^ You can try and import the model directly instead of via ogre if its a blender model.

Would it have the UV map, skeleton, and animations?