Animation using MakeWalk / General Questions

Hey Guys,
Instead of studying I am tempted to play around with the MakeHuman-Suite I just stumbled upon :smiley:
I made some character, created some clothes, exported to Blender, but I have some trouble animating them.

I don’t animate them manually but I use the MakeWalk Blender Plugin and use some BVH/MoCap Data from the recommended The Daz-friendly BVH release of CMU's motion capture database - cgspeed

My Problem now is all the walk animations look odd. She is somehow really bouncy and buggy.
Did anyone occur this and knows how to fix it? (I know it’s impossible without seeing a vid but I just want to know if it’s just my model somehow or I simply tried the wrong mocaps of some odd-walking people :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now what’s even more on my mind is the following:
When I play an animation, it’s basically like the vertices are moved but the .getLocalTranslation() stays the same? So when I Jump Forward, I should reset the Animation to the Idle and move the origin of my model after the animation has played?

If so, what would happen when I jump against a wall? Would Bullet stop me (like colliding and the animation simply happens infront of the wall?)
When I jump off a cliff, I’d have to ensure to play the “falling” animation using some Control/AppState? The same when jumping on a stair (where I stop earlier?)

So to rephrase it: How to sync the animation with the real physics? I guess that is a hard task and I can only try to fake it by canceling the animation when there is a collision? Will the collision shape even follow the animation?

Thanks in Advance :monkey_face:

As for MakeWalk, I successfully work with it so I guess your problem is your mocap data probably. But yes, a video would help a lot.

For a jump animation, I would keep the animation on one place (in makeWalk you can edit the animation to always stay at the origin) and then I would play that animation while applying the jump force in the engine.

What kind of Mocap do you use? The same I posted? If so, I tried the 143/144’s sets. Maybe you could tell me which one you are using so I could give them a try.

And the other thing sounds really cool, same for walk-animations etc.
I should give it a try tonight :smiley:

I actually use Kinect to create my own Mocap data but the site you posted didn’t work for me either. Well I just tried that one and it worked well (it’s a German site but you just have to click on the download link).

To translate the animation to the origin, you can go into the MakeWalk options on the left in Blender (after importing and retargeting the mocap data), then go to Edit Actions and then Global Edit → FIxate Bone Location.

Deutsch ist kein Problem :stuck_out_tongue:
What do you mean with doesn’t work? Did they look odd as well?
(Problem is, I don’t want to search ages for a good source of data, but I think moviemation might be enough as a start).

Is it hard to create own Mocap Data with the kinect? (Just out of curiosity)

Okay I just tried it again and they actually work fairly well. In some files the orientation of some bones is wrong and they need a little bit of tweaking but generally they work. Did you download the Primary or Secondary release? And what skeleton did you use in MakeHuman? I always use the game skeleton or whatever it is called.

Kinect mocap is actually quite good. Of course it always needs some tweaking and the kinect cameras sometimes aren’t really accurate but with some attempts you can get quite a good animation (better than anything I could make in Blender :stuck_out_tongue:)

PS: Hier sind echt einige Deutsche unterwegs :smiley:

I looked into something similar a while back, may find something of use in there.

I didn’t have the time to look into it deeply as I have an exam tomorrow and on friday, but here is what I got so far:

I tried both the Primary and the Secondary release with the game.json rig (though I think there were some more complex (SecondLife etc) which would be of Interest).

And thanks @thetoucher for that Link. I tried the 1-8 set and have to admit, that at least “your” 06-07 basketball moves look good.

I am experiencing that the model is trembling, shaking etc. I thought it is extremely some rotation around the y axis, but actually it’s on all axis.

With @mathiasj’s Link (I actually tried the Walk animation) it already looks pretty cool, no shaking or something, it’s just the CC-BY-SA that is a problem.
btw: Does it mean that I have to release the Model again as CC-BY-SA or the whole Game? (Both thinks I don’t want to do, tbh)

Maybe some other rocking sources? Or is there a way to easily fix that? (I never did animation so I can’t try to manually fix it :stuck_out_tongue: )

PS: Allgemein viele Europäer, auch Italiener (zB unser Fisch :smiley: )

Edit: The moviemation mocap is a bit shaky as well as soon as I fixate bones :confused: I guess that is usual and I have to manually fix it?

Well I’m not quite sure about free commercial use souces as I use my own data, but you can have a look at the MakeWalk website, I think they have some links there.
What do you mean with the shakiness? Is it the whole model that kinda shakes or something else? I don’t really know what your issue is.

I did a recording now after retrying multiple things.
I noticed that the other Source is shaking as well, but not that much, you can barely notice it.

PS: The FPS drop is because of the recording, it is also shaking at 24fps. Pay Attention to the legs.
PPS: I hope you can watch it as I used mac’s built in screen recording and hence having a .mov file.

Hm that is really strange… Is that shaking also there if you export it to JME? And could you maybe give me a link to the file you used, so I can try it with my setup and see if there also is the shaking?

I’ll give it a try tomorrow.
Which file do you want? The bvh, the blend or the mhx? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Here’s Paige. Care good for her :stuck_out_tongue:

@mathiasj: Did you make any progress?

I tried the Model in Jme now and it’s even worse. She is only shaking, but my model is not very “clear” either (multiple bones which are no childs, I guess not even the typical root bone?, Seperate AnimControls for each Body Part) and even .getSkeleton() is null…

The thing is, when I use the BaseMesh_256.blend (It’s part of Jme’s Animation Test) it’s not completely working either. He only uses his upper body, but I guess that’s just due to an outdated file?

In other words: How can I rearrange the model in blender so that it at least works (even if it’s shaky)?

Edit: Another thing still: I recentered the Model manually in Object Mode but somehow it’s now offset in Edit Mode as it was centered there.
I guess that’s something I messed up when Making the Animation Local? Do I need to retransform it?

Your model with the walk animation does actually look kinda ok when I try it…
Having seperate AnimControls is normal, you will most likely have one for the body and one for each peace of cloth; having several for one geometry is odd though.
How do you import your models? Do you use the OGRE or Blender importer?
Changing the model in object mode should not affect in edit mode at all. This must have to do something with your Blender file, did you maybe move it in edit mode by mistake?

Kinda ok or really ok?
And what i mean is look into blenders treeview, you will see multiple bones, some don’t even have names, wierdly Ordered…

I use the blender importer together with 2.69 (maybe it’s just too old to work propely?)

And no, I had it in t-pose and switched to object Mode. I then centered it, which lead to the Edit Mode being screwed (which is usual, I simply move all vertices together)

Could you maybe try some more difficult Animations to see if its shaky there?
Btw: it does not have the desired root bone? Did you add it?

Well I usually export my MakeHuman files as Collada, then import them to Blender, make my additions (animations etc.) and then export them using OGRE. Then I simply paste all the exported files in the SDK, double click the .scene and I have my model usually working fine (without any root bone) .I personally did not have good experiences with the Blender importer or the mhx file format but that probably is just personal as I couldn’t get my files to work quickly so I just tried the other solution and it worked fine.

I now tried it with different animations and it is looking quite good. There is some shaking however but I’m pretty sure that’s because of the mocap data (you will never get perfect complicated animations using mocap - an own model I tried also shaked a little bit with that animation). So I guess if your end user will see the animation so near, that he will see some shaking, then there is no other option that starting to manually edit keyframes.

To me the bone structure seems to be fine, I’m not really sure what you mean:

And have you tried simply moving the skeleton to center it? After your model is skinned (MakeHuman models are already skinned) you cannot simply drag the object itself around as it will result in really weird things. Otherwise I have no idea…

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I could get it to work using OGRE now!
THANK YOU @mathiasj !!

Now I only have a little problem: The Main part of the Model stays within the box-collision-shape but the model is like 2m behind (z axis). I could work this out, but:

Using the OGRE Exporter leads to trouble: The AnimControl is hidden under a ridiculous part and I’d need to handle like 10 controls, one for each body part. I could do that, but this does not sound right to me.
Can I fix that in the SDK?

Also, the OGRE-Importer could not load any material, however the Blender-OGRE-Exporter did not export any either (Any clue why? )

And, I guess he already hates me, but maybe @Kaelthas could have a look, maybe it’s just a simple problem why my .blend file is moving weirdly in JME and why the OGRE Importer can do without any problem?

Its separate bone structures in blender then. But a simple way to solve that would be to make your own Control that controls all the others. Easy to write once and use multiple times (and easy to add to your model via the SDK).

Make it use the Scene traversal system find all AnimControls, keep them in a list and make your setAnimation() method that sets it on all the AnimControls.

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That’s true, but possibly I might need some “map”, Because walking and shooting could happen simultaneously.

I only wonder if this does not affect Performance, if I trigger like 10 controls each time? (on the other hand it might be so small…)

I only need to adjust Materials then, as the ogre way is a bit buggy (maybe when can even fix blender importer :))

Ok I’m glad it worked :smile:

As for the animations I’d do exactly as @normen said as all models you export via OGRE will have the same structure, so you can write the control once and it will work for all models then.

With the material you can try several things. So the exporter doesn’t produce any .material files with some images for the textures? When exporting with OGRE make sure ‘export materials’ is cheked in the bottom left corner. When you press ‘N’ in Blender go to the Shading section and choose GLSL and check Textured solid (I’m not quite sure if that is necessary, but I always use it). And you could have a look at your material section in Blender, if there actually is any material. With the default skin it should look something like this: