Animation with scaled bones inverts Y and Z axis

Hi, I’m having a little problem with animating a model:

I made an animation scaling a simple sphere in Y axis in Blender but, when I export it to JME3, the animation shows the sphere scaling up and down, using the Z axis instead the Y one. This happens too when I try to scale in the Z axis and, in JME3, the sphere scale in the Y axis.

This doesn’t happen with rotations or translations.

There is the image with the animation in Blender:

And there the same animation in JME:

There are a way to fix it?

Here are the .blend file I used to test.

Thanks and sorry for the English.

JME is “y up” and blender is “z up”. Stuff is done during import that translates this into “y up” but then your scaling will need to account for this.

Answer: scale Z instead of Y.

Edit: or if you mean its an animation built in blender… then I guess it’s a bug on the importer. Are you importing the .blend directly? Which version of JME are you using? Both of these things will need to be known by someone who can help.

Yes, I’m import directly the .blend file, and I’m using JME 3.0

Edit: I made the animation in blender, using an armature with a single bone in this case. I have another model with more bones and it has the same problem just with the scaling, rotate and translate bones doesn’t have problems with the axis.

Oh, also note: JME doesn’t really support non-uniform scaling except on the leaves of the graph.

I don’t really know what is “non-uniform scaling” and neither “the leaves of the graph” so I’m a little bit lost just now. Does the first part mean scaling more an axis than another?. About the leaves, do you mean the leaves on the jme3 scenegraph or the blender graph?. I’m not a pro animator so I don’t really know too much tricks yet so, if I can’t do the animation scaling the skeleton, how could I achieve a “bouncing” or a “squash” animation?

However, it’s like if it were supporting it but inverting the axis :S, that’s what is really weird.

Here is the image of the graph on JME3:

And here the graph on Blender:

Because of the explained before, I think it may be a bug so, who could be the one who can help?

O all mighty @Kaelthas. Cometh and shed your light upon your fellow monkeys.

I just tried it on the 3.1 jme version and it’s working properly.

I tried the model in jme 3.1 like nemesis said and it works! :smiley: thanks!

However, this fix should be added to the current version too, doesn’t it?