I am trying to create a racing game  (Track and Field). I have all the core code down however I need to animate a person (make the arms and legs move when they run). Can anybody point me to any good tutorials or give me some example code. Thanks.  :smiley:

Check out jmetest.renderer.loader.TestColladaLoading in jME source. It shows a loaded animated character that walks around… a bit.

AFAIK it takes too long and too much work to get a collada model working in jME. You should instead check out MD5Importer & OgreLoader for character animation stuff, search the forum.

Yes, that's true… Just wanted to point him to quick example code which he can immediately launch and seee a walking animation…

Thanks for your recommendations. To create an animation file should I go with 3D Studio Max or another program.

Perhaps at the beginning it would make more sense to download models that include animations already and play with them… Later, either Maya, 3DStudio or Blender are the de facto choices for modelers around here, I suppose.

So my guess is that they are in

Well, there are a couple of simply animated models there, yes, but I was thinking just downloading some free animated (MD2 or MD3 for instance) models from the web to get you started.