AnimationFactory object


I am experimenting with the AnimationFactory object. So is it a better implementation practice to “dedicate” an AnimationFactory object to each object I create (e.g. a character or a camera) in order to animate them or it is considered redundant and I should rather use a singe object?


Depends on how you need them… If you load separate models on separate threads then best use separate ones… But if you create and then drop it in stack it won’t cause much of a garbage issue anyway… So I guess its nothing to worry about either way.

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I see! So, in a single thread, the object’s typical use is to “bake” the animation of multiple objects. So, for example in a Cinematics scene, I can use a single AnimationFactory object to handle the animation of any objects in the scene. Is that correct?

Should work, yeah.

ok, thanks!

be sure to clear all the keyframes before baking another anim