Animations limitations

Can animations have a target?

I will need on my game, for when you want to cut a tree, you make an animation to cut a tree.

You pick your axe(this one will probably teleport to your hand, or will need to be equiped to start it anyways)

Swing backwards

Hit the tree(this is where it matters).

I want the animation to HIT the tree, if im using a huge axe or a hatcher or im close or har, the animation must AIM for the tree and hit the tree, there might be some limitations but that can be fixed by limitating your position relative to the tree, therefore if it's impossibe for the animation(as the way want it working) to hit the tree you get a error message and don't execute the animation…

I bet it was confusing…

The best explanation i can give is: Is there a way for a animation to play diferently every time it plays based on X Y and Z factors? like size of axe and distance to the tree?

i guess you would have to use collision

Make an animation of a 180