Animations not seperating when importing OGRE objects

I have a model that I made in blender, and it converts to OGRE XML almost as it should. The only thing is that my two separate animations aren’t separate when I use Scene Composer. What I mean is that the walk animation works as it should, but then the stand animation, is only the first frame of the walk animation, not what I specified in blender. Here are some screen shots:

What I should be getting, along with the NLA strip:

Here’s what I’m getting:

Can anybody explain to me what I’m doing wrong here? I need to figure this out, because I am planning on inserting even more animations.

In the NLA strip your animations should not overlap.
see this post

That suggestion doesn’t work, but what did work was adding all the animations into one track and spacing them out. Maybe because I’m using Blender 2.7 and not 2.6.