Animations With 3ds Max

Hi There.

I’ve been using 3ds max to make my models animations etc. My issue is getting animation from 3ds max into the SDK.

What type of file would an animation be attatched to?

Would it be attached directly to the model?

If so kind of files can take an animation?
(Obj, .scene, etc)

I have been relying on 3ds max’s “lightwave.obj” to export my models. Would the objects animations be held within an Obj file?

My obj’s are imported to the SDK okay, I’m just wondering about animations relating to objects or models.

Would the SDK receive animations on an obj?

I’ve tried to use blender but character animation and rigging is a nightmare.

Thank you for reading!


I dont know if anything changed but the last time I exported models from 3ds max to jmonkey I used OgreMax and exported mesh.xml files.
And important: The model must have skeleton animations.
I think the obj format does not support animations.

That’s what I thought. I followed the tutorial they had on 3ds max and animation. But every time I tried to import the file it would fail to import at all.

Of course I would use like the mesh.xml files but something was still wrong.

OBJ works fine for SDK but as you said… I don’t think they support animations.

Do .blend files take animation?