I have a few problems regarding animations in JMonkey. On the FPS game I am working on, I created a root Bone and attached it to the gun body and made it the parent. After making the Armature animations in pose mode and exporting into the Ogre(.mesh, .scene) blender exporter I experienced a few problems importing it into Jme3. The first on is that most of the gun is red. Importing a non animation model, the textures were fine. Another problem is that a few parts of the gun, such as the stock and the rear sight were the only parts that were placed incorrectly. They were shifted to the spot where the end of the animation should have been I believe. I also applied all transformations and rotations before exporting. Under the scene explorer, I go under the magazine node where I find the root bone and animation control(which I don’t know why they are located under this sub part) and click on an animation. I see the small Run symbol on the animation name but the animation does not run. If anyone could troubleshoot this problem ASAP that would be great because this is holding me back on my game.