I’m not sure if I am thinking this is supposed to be doing something that it is not, but… Actually, first… here is a bit of background on how I am managing animation channels:

The character is split into upper and lower half channels as well as the head bone is manually controlled to sync with animation movement but also allow look direction to face the target, etc, etc.

When adding a piece of equipment. I pull the:

Animation name

from the primary anim channel for the lower half of the character and use this is set the current animation of the newly added equip (if relevant to the lower half etc). All works fine EXCEPT for setTime(). This seems to have 0 effect on the selected animation.

Java docs state:

getTime() - The time of the currently playing animation. The time starts at 0 and continues on until getAnimMaxTime().
setTime() - Set the time of the currently playing animation, the time is clamped from 0 to AnimChannel.getAnimMaxTime().

Sooo…say you were to:

AnimChannel channel = blah;
AnimChannel newChannel = blah;

// Assuming both channels are using the same animation name, loopmode and speed because it was pulled from the first channel…
float time = channel.getTime();

However, I am not seeing this result.

What am I doing wrong here?

Ok… now it is working just fine. the SDK just like to make me type >.<