Anisotropic friction - but for JME-Physics2 (ODE)!?

Hi there! :slight_smile:

Its’s been a while since my last post, even the forum has changed, and I hope this is the right place to ask my question.

I started writing some kind of simulation over a year ago, using JME2 and JME-Physics 2 with ODE.

Now I got some kind of specific problem imlementing anisotropic friction for wheels. The point is, I know that this has been solved many times before using pure ODE (as I read their google-group). But I don’t know how to do it with odejava/JME-Physics2.

Now I wonder if there’s anyone here who can tell me at least where to search? Or maybe have had the same problem and got a simple but satisfying solution?? (Or knows someone who might have it…? ;))

I know that there is JME3 using jBullet, and that jBullet has a nice ray-car model, but that is no option as I wrote just too much code. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: odejava hasn’t been much of a help, since I don’t even know what I have to look for…

Thanks for your hints! :slight_smile: