Another beginner questione: max -> jme coordinate systems

To rebuild a ‘final’ scene, with lights cameras and objects, i tried this approach:

  1. export to jme the objects (max → milkshape format → jme)
  2. using i maxscript, i read all the objects and build a .bsh script with

    object loadind, translation, rotation and scale from the max object.
  3. Some thing for lights and cameras (with color and their other parameters)

    Then the .bsh scritp get executed inside my code, and the scene rebuilt !

    To correct the different coord system i do the following: switch y and z axis for the translations, add 90 deg rotation on x axis for the rotations (used in set local rotation)

    I’m pretty sure they are not right, but i don’t know how to do the coord translation correcly without roting the whole max scene…

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

sry, that was me :smiley:

You can also set the camera to the same orientation as Max’s camera. Having the camera with up (0,1,0), left (-1,0,0) and dir (0,0,-1) is just used for examples, the camera’s orientation can be anything you want it to be. up (0,0,1) left (-1,0,0) dir (0,1,0)

Thanks for info, i will try the ‘camera orientation’ approach.