Another Mythruna coding live stream tonight

In about 30 minutes I’m doing another live stream tonight. This time I will be trying to whack out the last few items for tonight’s release. This is mostly Mythruna-specific stuff but the big items are “configuring startup parameters” and “moving the character item init to scripts”… which I guess may have broader appeal.


Live stream is done but will stay available for viewing if anyone is curious. After hacking at the spreadsheet to refocus it and talk about how I do that, there was only time for the critical remaining item:

You can see how I code that (nearly) from scratch.

The other one I will maybe try to do as another live stream. It would make a good introduction to Mythruna’s moddable object scripting.

Another future live stream might be profiling the stand alone server application because it bothers me that it takes as much CPU as it does just sitting idle. Something is amiss.

Thanks to those who watched live and thanks in advance to anyone who watches non-live.

Edit: Also, this time I added chapters for anyone who wants to drill in on specific areas.