Antialiasing change does not take effect immediately

I have an options page that allows the user to choose the resolution, windowed/fullscreen mode, antialiasing, and vsync. There are two options on that page: one that discards any changes made and one that will save the changes and apply them immediately.

I know that changes in resolution and windowed/fullscreen mode do take place immediately, and I am not sure about vsync. But I know that antialiasing changes do not take place immediately and require a restart before the new changes take effect.

For example, I will change antialiasing from 16 samples to 0 samples but when I launch the game I can see that 16x antialiasing is still in effect. This also works the other way. Closing and launching the game again produces the new antialiasing option.

For managing my settings, I use and settings.load(), and I know that changes are applied to settings immediately after the button is clicked, so I believe the problem is applying the new antialiasing (which is saved correctly) to the user’s display.

Here is my code for immediately applying the settings:





niftyDisplay.reshape(viewPort, context.getSettings().getWidth(), context.getSettings().getHeight());


I am using the nightly svn updates using JMP Alpha-3 on Windows 7 Home Premium, if that helps.

Should work in SVN now