Anticipating 0.9

Hello everybody,

first things first : it’s so cool that site is running again, congratulations mojo :o !

I’ve just read a post from the gaming forum that 0.9 plan to remove the Controller in profit of ControllerNode. It’s probably a good thing,1.0 is not here yet, so it’s the right time to make good refactoring. However, this is a major change : all work in progress will break.

In order to anticipate (and not invest lot’s of time in futur depecated class) it would be cool to have an overview of all the major changes of design in 0.9. is it possible ?

Does the change will be check-in a regular manner in CVS (as before) so if we check out often we can adapt our own code smoothly ?

thanks for your answer and for all this great work !


As we make design decisions (or any decisions for that matter), I will fully document and post on the blog, etc. I’ll then link to it from here to let you all know. We’ll try to give everyone ample time to prepare for the changes. I’ll also try my best to explain why these changes are made.