Any ACTIVE IRC/some sort of chatter channel?

Hello! I’m new here. Gonna become an active user of jmonkey, it’s very good, had never used an engine before though. So not a very good judge… but it’s really simple! Currently starting my 2nd Year @ IT :slight_smile:

So basically I had an issue with cameras that I struggled all morning long, found out the #jme irc channel, but it’s completely deserted, no talking for weeks (checked log), and I was wondering if there’s somewhere besides irc channel to try get a more active response? Besides these forums, of course!


dont forget google. A lot of issues aren’t jME specific, like using vectors/quaternions/shaders/animations in blender etc

will do :slight_smile:

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These forums are your best bet.

Ok then, thanks!

Some decent alternatives would be the #LWJGL IRC channel on the freenode network, and the in-built chat for

yeah, of those I knew already, thanks :slight_smile: