Any available samples for BUI?

Are there any samples for the BUI interface library? I'd like to see what can be done with it before I delve into it. Thanks

There is only one sample in the package:

Here are some Screenshots of the game Puzzle Pirates where BUI is used:

Thanks - I tried to run the sample, but I get:

        at com.jmex.bui.text.AWTTextFactory.<init>(
        at com.jmex.bui.BLookAndFeel.configureDefaultLookAndFeel(
        at com.jmex.bui.BLookAndFeel.getDefaultLookAndFeel(
        at com.jmex.bui.tests.LayoutTest.simpleInitGame(
        at Source)
        at Source)
        at com.jmex.bui.tests.LayoutTest.main(

Try to recompile the classes.

Oh! I don't have Ant installed - I'm too new to Java to be that brave!  XD

JackNeil said:

Here are some Screenshots of the game Puzzle Pirates where BUI is used:

Actually BUI is not used for Puzzle Pirates. We're using it for our new game Bang! Howdy, but there are no screen shots available for that quite yet. The LayoutTest shows the most important thing which is how to add a BUI interface into the SimpleGame and all the widgets themselves should work plus or minus just like Swing widgets (though obviously a lot of functionality is missing, Rome wasn't reinvented in a day).

Is the available binary built with the latest version of JME?

Is there a problem with the latest cvs version?

I get really strange results on the latest layout test and had to revert back to 103 as the best working version with jME cvs.