Any breakthrough for the fbx import soon?

Hey everyone, i was wondering how the fbx importer was going. I saw some developpement but for the moment each time i try to use it in the SDK it broke into pieces :confused:

I guess the good old fbx → Blender → Orgre → JMonkey still work but, well, direct fbx would be pretty cool x)

Can’t tell you anything on the actual subject however you could leave out the Ogre Part so it’s atleast some progress :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s pretty far along but the issue is being far along isn’t good enough for a format like FBX. For example, triangulating planar polygons is supported but triangulating non-planar polygons is not.
And as mentioned previously, skeletal animation import is still unsupported.
With that said I still think it is possible to support FBX fully (or sufficiently fully) but it will require additional effort before it can happen.

Nan, for some reason whiout the ogre import i get some really wierd bugs when I try do take the Blender file :confused:

Not all the time but more often then not so i just do it as a default stage now.

Anyway thanks for the insight momo, i’ll take that as a no but one day a yes :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to revert what I said.
Did you ever try to copy a .fbx file into the SDK and then simply choose that “convert model” button you also use for blend files?

It’ll directly convert your files to .j3o.
I’ll add an Issue so we add proper rightclick options for that too.
Note: It requires the “full” SDK with a bundled blender.

Edit: Blender doesn’t seem to support ASCII fbx Import though

FYI, the FBX importer in the SDK works completely differently than the FBX importer in the engine.
The one in the SDK first converts the FBX to .blend format, then uses jME3’s blend importer to load the file. The one in the engine loads the FBX file directly.