Any capable web engineer?

We need at least one additional member in the 'management' department.

I am capable of handling anything that a back-end panel gives me access to and I am busying myself assessing jME's internal structure and organization now.

=> Administrative side of community & "panel"-side of website covered.

Momoko_Fan is among the most capable programmers here, he has the best oversight of the jME3 branch, and he has prior experience as a lead programmer in a large scale team.

=> Administrative side of jME3 development covered.

// As jME2 is currently community-powered, I will consider it administrated as such as well, but if this is a sought-after topic, I suggest a new thread is started; don't hijack this one.

The missing link here is someone capable of advanced server administration.

Naturally, this job, like mine, serves the project as a whole, not one specific branch or sub-project. My web knowledge has its limits, but it suffices to maintain the website as-is, as well as making simple changes as long as they entail nothing more than simple html edits or panel-side administration.

What we need is someone also capable of handling the nuts and bolts of this website when time calls for it. In the not too distant future I was playing with the idea to have had the front-end of this website converted into a CMS, which would greatly enhance its accessibility for average users, and even enable a complete synchronization of user accounts. This type of decision would ultimately be up to the web engineer to make the final call on, but suffice to say, I have my bag of suggestions ready :slight_smile:

The new engineer can PM me for advice or tips if/when they have tasks beyond their skill set.  I've provided admin backup to jME admins before.

Good to know blaine, thanks :slight_smile: With our new hosting deal with the university we've been lucky enough to have a network of capable engineers around us who might be able to give a hand at times of need. Skye especially will be committed to web development, and he is the one currently responsible for the complete migration.