Any clue why AndroidBufferImageLoader is deprecated?


Does anybody know why AndroidBufferImageLoader is deprecated?

Should we undeprecate it?

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The commit that deprecated it is Android Images: deprecate classes that won't be used in 3.1 · jMonkeyEngine/[email protected] · GitHub

Just says “Android Images: deprecate classes that won’t be used in 3.1”. Not sure if that’s that conclusive

Seems to be the reason why :slight_smile: :


It’s not, unfortunately. Nothing we’ve found says why it won’t be used in 3.1… and we’re even assuming a bit that “3.1” refers to JME 3.1. I mean, it probably does but who really knows?

Perhaps kirill remembers but we’ve been unable to summon his apparition. I don’t know if the @Momoko_Fan tag will still work.

It will be un-deprecated in v3.5: