Any core developers want to earn a few quid?

Nope, its not a spam posting…

I’ve been working with jMonkey for over a week now (hence the posts), and although things are coming along quite well, I have several key integration tasks and new app features to code that aren’t nearly complete yet.

I could keep posting to the forum but instead wondered if any jMonkey experts would have a spare few days/ week and would like to assist - I’m sure some of you will be many times quicker than I as you already have the ‘best practice’ knowledge.

I do have an available budget, so please message me if you’d be interested and have the time.
My key requirements (in this order) are;
Real-world terrains + raster draping
Simple physics (walk over terrain)
Axis orientation
Lighting + Shadows
Vuforia integration
Probably shaders / object occlusion