Any german jme useres here? - Deutsche JME's hier im Forum?


Und nu auf deutsch weiter. :slight_smile: Gibt es hier auch deutsch-sprachige JME-Programmierer.

Meine Frage ziehlt auf den Aufbau einer deutschen JME-Java-Gemeinschaft mit eigener Homepage, Forum usw. Mal schauen wieviele es hier gibt, die JME im deutsch-sprachigen Raum einsetzen und gerne auch ein Forum in deutsch haben wollen.

Von der technischen Seite her, gibt es keinerlei Verpflichtungen, da das ganze auf meinem HQ-Server laufen w

(Ich schreib trotzdem mal auf englisch weiter damit auch andere das problemlos lesen k

I'm german too. ^^

i think that would be bad for both sides. not getting to know about each others problems and solutions(for example none of the devs will be able to help over there)…it's almost as stupid as writing sourcecode(method/variablenames+comments etc) in your mother tounge  :stuck_out_tongue:

and another german…

i think a german community would only make sense if the communty would really grow big. and even then, i would propably prefer the english speaking community, as there is usually a bigger audience, thus more people who can help me, if i'm in trouble.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I am german, too. But at the moment I'm working on a different project, so I'm not actively working with JME.

I agree to what irrisor and MrCoder say. It is definitely not desirable to split up the jME community into separate "splinter cells", that know little to nothing of the other "cell's" problems/solutions.

I do speak german (natively) and would be happy to help anyone who has problems understanding the forum posts. Maybe that will help them to understand english good enough to give something back to the jME community eventually, which in the long term would be more valuable to them, and definitely more valuable (not to say less destructive) to the jME community as a whole.

I think that anybody who wants to use international open source projects and their communities to get stuff done should not only learn the programming language in question, but also english.

This is only my personal view of things, I am very aware of the fact that there are other views as well, and they might even be as good as mine ;). Also, I am aware of the problems I have had before, and certainly will have, with my own limited english skills. But because of that, I am always willing to improve those skills, and that's part of the reason I am here.


Oh, and btw, posting your questions in german of course means that only one of the devs will be able to have a look at them. As far as I know. In the vast majority of cases I had any problem using or understanding jME, one of the devs was the one to get me on my way through that problem. This is one thing I really love about jME. Thank you, all of you devs, for all the help and uderstanding! Now that I said it, I think I should have said this more often before…

I'm another German jME user.

Even if discussing problems would be easier for me in German I would miss the support I found in #jme ( Hi Mojomonkey! :wink: ) and in the forum with all the valuable posts. I think we have quite some users who are not native English speakers but I hardly remember posts which are unreadable. It's a friendly atmosphere and I never read answers where somebody makes fun of non elegant English posts.

So don't fear and try to keep the posts in English. In the end you only need a more technical vocabulary (small talk would be more complicated for me).

i do speak german too, but i'm not sure if having "native" boards wouldn't lead to some split in the jme community. the community is (imho) one of the best "features" of jme.

while it somehow be nice to have "native" boards for people who are not so skilled with english (i suppose i fall in that category too), it would practically lead to duplicate discussions, double support effort and posters might also get the tendency to post in their native language instead of english (which would split the communuity even more).

also, as stated before, if one wants to improve and make use of his development skills, the should learn english.

but i suppose that if someone assumes responsability(as in support and "portting" questions and answers from one board to another) of such a "native" board, there's nothing/noone there to stop him. maybe it's worth a try.

anyways, i'll hang to this board (always stay close to the source) :wink:

and if anyone wants to laugh at my posts, just go ahead, i don't mind as long as i got one answer which helps me solve my problems and the jokes are not extremely gross :slight_smile: imho self-humor in general is a very important human attribute.

…it's all a learning process.

just like you say, i really hope people put their fears and pride away and just post as well as their language abilities allow. the general mood, in my opinion, of this forum is that it's very friendly(think "one big family"). we are all from different countries and struggle with words now and then. i'm swedish as some of you know, but i don't think anyone would benefit from me starting my own swedish jme forum :slight_smile:

lets all just help each other through these problems. if you don't have any clue at all how to post about a problem in english, perhaps there are other people from your country that could help translate(or use on of the "nice" online translators out there so we can all get ourselves a good laugh s)

Wow. great posts.

I understand.  Ok my english is not so pretty… bla blubs.

The JME-Forum is very useful and the best point of discussions about jme for me. I'ts good to see, german users are here.

And another german speaking (Oesi) user, but as stated before i am very comfortable with the english spoken forums too.

Down with english forums!!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

i wonder which would be the native language of dark frogs ? …and don't tell me it's java!  }:-@

Alas you are not cool enough to know.

sfera said:

i wonder which would be the native language of dark frogs ? ...and don't tell me it's java!  }:-@

Hm... isn't it frogish?
darkfrog said:

Alas you are not cool enough to know.

ouch!  :P
darkfrog said:

Alas you are not cool enough to know.

from now on, darkfrogs posts can only be viewed at his own ever so popular JGN forum  ;)

bwahahahaha  }:-@