Any good April Fools' sightings to share?

Unfortunately it appears none of us had the spare time necessary to devise an April Fools’ joke powerful enough to live up to last year’s success. I for one am in my last week before graduation, sort of.

So this year, fear not, as we’ll merely take a moment to look at the fun other organizations are having. Here are two of my favorites thus far:

Atlassian announces their extension to the popular DVCS forking workflow, Spooning, as well as a new type of “all-the-things” issue tracker, IRKD.

Google reignites my undying faith in them with their 8-bit maps. I shall never doubt again.

Now waiting eagerly for the Blizzard announcements…

I can’t view the 8 bit maps without having Nintendo flashbacks with the theme from Legend of Zelda running through my head. Thanks, Google. :stuck_out_tongue:

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