Any Graphics Quality and Performance tips?

Is there any tips to make a game more looks realistic and can be run in high fps?
I need the tips because I have a game but it’s so laggy for me and the quality is… ugh :frowning:
glad to hear your tips :blush:

It would depend GREATLY on what you have now. There are as many different answers to this question as there are pixels on the screen.

Tip: no one has ever complained about too much information in the entire existence of the forum but 90 times a day people ask for more information from some one’s initial post.

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Some general tips I can think of:

  • Have all your textures in dds format

  • If you have objects with high polygon count, try reducing it and consider using Normal maps.

  • Depending on your game, draw distances and fog can optimize your performance

  • Do not load all objects at once to the game if possible, what is too far away can be “saved for later”.

  • Follow the tips already mentioned in the tutorial :wink:


Have a proper artist making proper models with proper normal, specular and diffusion maps. There is no filter called “make my shit models look great”.